At least in the mind of Dave Filoni, canon doesn’t matter as long as the story is good. Apparently he’s part of the growing throng of voices at Lucasfilm and fellow Disney absorbee Marvel who don’t understand continuity is one of the things that make a fictional world seem believable, something that beings who aren’t us could live in and allow us in the reader and viewership to feel like we’re part of that world, or at least observing another reality. Otherwise you’re just telling random stories that all happen to share a name for marketing purposes. (I guess I could just write a story where Ashoka was secretly a Sith sleeper agent and as long as it’s good she can be evil now. Also she was raised by Wookies now.)

John F. Trent at Bounding Into Comics understands and makes a case for canon being every important to making a fake world seem real.


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