Can you guess who is playing whom?

I kind of rushed the comic because I was in a hurry, having been called in to work today. Click the comic to see which of our cast is playing which parts (the narrator is obvious 😀 ) and to learn why I went with the play style instead of the “change the art to match Jake or Leon’s POV) style.

Between extra work time and all the time spent going over E3 this past week, I didn’t get to snag a lot of articles, and I’m literally an hour before my chosen deadline. I like having one as a motivator. But I did come across a few articles of note this week (and a discussion topic for later this week, too).


  • That Guy With The Glasses blogger Suffering Sappho found an interesting quote in a Comic Book Resources article with what passes for an editorial department at DC. No, that’s not a swipe at Didio and Lee, it’s a swipe at the stupid titles they’re using now at DC Comics/Entertainment.
  • Another TGWTG blogger pointed towards a Newsarama article titled “10 Things You Might Not Know About Superman“. I’m glad someone finally brought up the fact that Superman’s “Clark Kent” disguise isn’t just a set of glasses and using a comb!


  • The trailer for the new Green Hornet movie. I’m surprisingly neutral. I’ve seen worse screw ups of source material.
  • I wish I could have retired at 24 like Amanda Bynes. However, she has a point. If she doesn’t enjoy acting any more, why do it? Enjoying what your doing is part of making acting work.
  • Auto-starting video in this link, but it seems Prince of Persia just kicked Lara Croft’s behind internationally for top video game flick. (Then most of the competition has been depressing.)

video games

  • Seriously? 6 days of video game related articles weren’t enough for you? Well, how about the first 15 minutes of the Autobot campaign in Transformers: War For Cybertron! Man I want this game real bad!

in other news

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews

Because sometimes nostalgia wins.

And now it’s back to the usual stuff, or as much as I can fit in, what with work and ConnectiCon 2010 just around the corner.

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