Buck's planning to hunt down whomever canceled this series.

Buck Rogers #12 (FINAL ISSUE)

Dynamite Entertainment (2010)

WRITER: Scott Beatty
ARTIST: Carlos Rafael
COLORIST: Carlos Lopez
LETTERER: Simon Bowland

Buck and Ardala learn the fate of the separatists, and how dangerous the robots have become in their desire for supplies, even willing to use the humans as spare parts. Naturally, Ardalla and Kane betray our heroes, but before they can do something about it, a ship like Buck’s appears, and a female astronaut jumps out. It’s Antonia. Somehow she discovered time travel, knew Buck was in the 25th Century, and came to the future to make him suffer for breaking her mom’s heart. This, however, causes the present day Wilma to begin to disappear. I posted all this here to keep it out the ComiXology version.

What they got right: The art continues to be fantastic. The robot’s plan seems to be a more well done version of the season 2 Doctor Who episode. And the scene with Dr. Huer trying to translate Buck’s message was most amusing.

What they got wrong: The ending. If Beatty knew the comic was ending here, then not finishing one arc at all while starting a new one (and one that makes no sense–how the hell did Antonia develop time travel?) would have been stupid, since it was the second time it’s been done in so few issues. If he knew this was the last issue, then why the hell pull this out? Bad story idea aside, we essentially have TWO cliffhangers here for a series that Dynamite stupidly let go of. How was any of this a good idea?

Recommendation: Personally, I say stick with the first two or three arcs. The “Han” and “Moon” storylines are wasted potential, and the time travel part is just wrong for this version of the series. I still can’t believe they’re killing this series for The Last Phantom, which is bad at concept, or that Beatty is behind said concept, but this series ends on a low note.

Admiral Dickens said my comment for me.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Doctor Who #12

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