The next few weeks are going to be busy, what with work, ConnectiCon, and my annual birthday vacation, so to ease back from video games, That Guy With The Glasses contributor Bennett the Sage posted a rather interesting commentary about the ability of video games to act as storyteller. And since this site is all about storytelling, it explains what the sam hill last week was about.

The most interesting part to me in this video is the part where he notes that video games aren’t movies. Both formats have their strengths and weaknesses, much like comics, novels, television, and even music. BW Fave and Art & Story co-host Jerzy Drozd brings this up numerous times when it comes to comparing movies and TV to comics. However, a good video game story, and they do exist, either is affected by gameplay (take for example the Mass Effect or Elder Scrolls series) or if it happens to be a linear story, has the gameplay done in a way that it feels like your part of the story and that what you do in the game means something even when it doesn’t. You can tell a fantastic story through video games with enough effort. It’s been done.

That doesn’t mean every video game has to have a story. As a casual gamer and an old fogey gamer, I can appreciate the good old “point a to point b” games. I don’t want to lose one in place of the other. As a would-be storyteller, on the other hand, I can embrace any format that can tell a good story, including ones we have yet to discover. I always welcome a good story.

A special thank you goes to Cin Wicked, who showed me a trick to get the Blip videos to come up properly, with fullscreen capabilities and everything. (Sadly, I couldn’t center the video on the page and the controls don’t seem to work in fullscreen mode, at least in previewing the post.) If you’ve seen previous posts, the embed code that Blip and WordPress have going leaves a picture and a “click to play” note. Go to his site and show some love on BW’s part.

(Long post for a “filler video”, huh? 🙂 )

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