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Transformers: Ironhide #3

IDW Publishing (July 2010)

WRITER: Mike Costa
ARTIST: Casey Coller
COLORIST: Joana LaFuente
LETTERER: Chris Mowry
EDITOR: Andy Schmidt
ALTERNATE COVER: Marcelo Matere (artist) and Priscilla Tramontano (colorist)

Ironhide is introduced to Alpha Trion, the one responsible for restoring an older version of Ironhide (like I wish I could do with IE8), hoping that he’ll agree to wipe out the remaining Swarm on Cybertron. However, Ironhide first makes a run to rescue Sunstreaker, unaware of the events of All Hail Megatron as he is.

What they got right: Coller’s art is some of the best of the IDW TF franchise. I love his visuals of Cybertron, both the dead and alive sections, but his characters are just as impressive as his backgrounds. The story itself is interesting, and how Ironhide is brought back is at least in keeping with how Cybertronian robotics has been depicted in the IDW wing of the Transformers Multiverse.

What they got wrong: The story still smells of reset, however. Let’s bring Sunstreaker back (if there isn’t a scene at some point where Verity and Jimmy give Sunstreaker what for, then there was no point in bringing him back) as well as Ironhide’s death on Earth becoming completely meaningless. Why not just have Alpha Trion teleport him back or something. Speaking of which, why is Costa’s version so full of himself? This isn’t a toy character, where you can take the tech spec profiles and go your own way from there. This is a character specifically created for the original series, and both fans and Optimus Prime hold him in high regard for a reason. (The latter because he was written to, but I digress.) Making him a narcissist is jut wrong.

Recommendation: For all its faults, this is still a good read, and worth picking up.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer Autobot.

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