Ever get the feeling someone's behind you?

The Phantom Double Shot: KGB Noir #6

co-star: The Spider


Moonstone (2010)

COVER: Dennis Calero & Doug Klauba
WRITER: Mike Bullock
ARTIST: Fernando Peniche
LETTERER: Josh Aitken
EDITOR: Joe Gentile
WRITER: Joe Gentile
ARTIST: David Flora
EDITOR: Howard Hopkins
PREPRESS: Erik Evervold/Simian Brothers Production

In the finale of “The Hammer”, the Phantom finally takes on the head of the KGB agents attempting to restore the Soviet Union. In “The Spider”, the vigilante takes on the NKVD when the wife and child of a former agent is killed.

What they got right: The Phantom story has been good throughout this miniseries and the ending is no different. The Spider story was quite interesting.

What they got wrong: But why was it a prose story instead of a comic, like the other backups in this series? Also, I had to look up the NKVD, the guys the Spider faces. I realize it’s a period piece, but letting us history-impaired folks know that the NKVD was the precursor to the KGB somehow, even it was a sentence outside of the story.

Recommendation: The series as a whole I can very much recommend, and more proof that Moonstone should have kept the license.

The Phantom knows how to deal with a stuck sunroof.

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