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Chuck Norris. Mr. T. Silvester Stallone (well, OK, Rambo). Hulk Hogan. John Candy. The list goes on, but what do they have in common? Each of them had their own cartoon, and sometimes the actor himself performed as himself, in a situation similar to their movies, but essentially playing themselves. Now add to that list: Arnold Schwarzenegger!


This is either the greatest thing ever or the most bizarre. Or possibly both. This is not some joke like the Watchmen cartoon. This is legit! Not surprisingly, it’s also with Stan Lee. But why just talk about it? Find out about The Governator yourself in this press conference.

The thing that struck me most is that he isn’t making a “kids” or “adults” cartoon, but something more all ages. This I support most highly, something any age group can watch and enjoy. I am a little concerned that he spent so much time pointing out the comedy. Acknowledge that there are light moments that come with the secret identity thing, which I’ll get into in a moment, but I’m hoping for something more on the adventure side with those light moments. If this takes itself too seriously it’s going to suck, but as much as I love Darkwing Duck I rather not see this become that. Or to bring up another Stan Lee animated superhero, Stripperella. That was a terrible show.

I’m wondering how the secret identity thing is going to work. Will his wife and kids be in the show, and in what capacity? Do they know Arnold is the Governator? (And is it a good idea for someone so public to use his political nickname as his superhero name?) Do they support his crimefighting campaign? Are they in the dark? I’d rather see them in on, but not really find it a big deal, like he’s just going to the office or the film set or something. (Although they do keep it a secret from everyone else, of course.) I like the idea of a Larry King type character but not necessarily Larry King himself. Not that I don’t mind seeing him look like a chump, but I’m a conservative. 🙂 And from the trailer it looks like King himself will provide the voice of his counterpart.

Speaking of which, Arnold’s and Larry’s are the only voices we get and although they only get a few lines they sound pretty good. We’ll see if that holds up for a series.

I do wonder if they aren’t overreaching, though. In the video Arnold discusses how they’re not worried about the money; if the show is good the money will follow. This is the best way to go into it. However, he’s already looking beyond the cartoon and Archie comics (a good choice–while Archie isn’t considered as big as Marvel or DC they do get their comics beyond the comic stores and they are well known for their all-ages properties, both original and licensed) to video games, a movie (he didn’t say live-action or animated), and whatever else. Get the comic and cartoon going first, and then see how high the balloon goes.

Overall, The Governator appears to be a throwback to the celebrity cartoons of my youth. I approve of this, but we know very little about the show thus far. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

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