Sorry I didn’t have time to write this review yesterday. Luckily there are only four new comics this week anyway.

"OK, it was only this big. Happy?"

Doctor Who V2 #3

IDW Publishing (March 2011)

WRITER: Tony Lee
ARTIST: Tim Hamilton
COVER ART: Tommy Lee Edwards
RI COVER ART: Chris Samnee
COLORIST: Phil Elliott
EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

The Doctor is cleared of being Jack the Ripper, but the real Jack the Ripper is still out there…and an alien trying to make his enemies look bad. Amy decides to save the Ripper’s next victim, and succeeds in screwing up the timeline and getting herself targeted as the next victim.

What they got right: Watching Rory stumble over himself is fun, as he maintains his dignity. At one point the Doctor explains a bit more about why he can get involved in some events but not others, and it’s totally believable.

What they got wrong: It’s still the “Jack the Ripper is an alien” story and the art still feels wrong for a comic.

Recommendation: Still worth a read but I’m glad next issue is the end of this arc.

"In other words we can only change the history the writer makes up."

Tomorrow’s Comic> Sonic the Hedgehog #223


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