You’re almost rid of it, folks. Tomorrow is the last day for this series.

At least he's in Christmas colors.

Adventures of the Mask #11

Dark Horse Comics (November 1996)

WRITER: Michael Eury
ARTIST: Marc Campos
LETTERER: Clem Robins
DESIGNER: Julie Gassaway
EDITOR: Scott Allie

At Christmastime, Stanley accidentally drops the mask, which is found by Charlie, who’s quite the Scrooge this year. Putting on the mask, Charlie becomes $anta Ma$k, and uses his powers to turn Yuletide cheer into Yuletide greed. The real Santa Claus recruits Stanley and Milo to stop $anta Ma$k, which leads to a reunion between Charlie and his long lost father.

What they got right: Now this is a Christmas story. The themes are there, Santa’s there, and it feels like a Christmas comic instead of a comic set at Christmas. But what really works for this comic is that it has character development for Charlie of all characters. One of the supporting cast from the movie, which less of a role in the cartoon after his promotion, Eury takes time to look into why Charlie is such a jerk, and you kind of feel sorry for him, even after he starts using the mask to ruin Christmas. (Then again, the mask’s power in the show is to bring out and magically enhance the wearer’s inner self as a weapon. Only Stanley’s inner goodness makes the Mask a superhero, unlike what I hear about the original comic series.)

What they got wrong: There’s a lot of coincidence bringing Charlie and his father together, but it is the season of miracles so in-story I can forgive it.

Recommendation: It’s Stanley and Santa Claus versus the Mask. How many of you do I actually have to sell on that premise.

Tomorrow’s (old) comic: Adventures of the Mask #12, the final issue of the series. (I don’t own the Halloween special.)

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