Hey, I won last week’s fight. I’d like to thank the Academy, my parents, God, and all of you for voting for me.

Superman of course needs to be in this week’s fight but we’re going a little later in time, to one of the three comics I first received (and boy does it show). Superman brought some of his friends as we return to the comic from a previous Fight. Actually, you’re about to learn what happened after that fight.

Repeat Rehash Revenge round 9

The Battlefield: Justice League of America Vol. 20 #162 (DC Comics, January 1979) “The Creation Conspiracy!”

The Promoters: Gerry Conway (writer), Dick Dillin (penciler), Frank McLaughlin (inker), Milt Snapinn (letterer), Jerry Serpe (colorist), and Julius Schwartz (editor)

So the Justice League (Roll Call: Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow) are captured by Shark, who stole an experimental compound from STAR Labs that could push evolution. (Ah, comics.) And what does he plan to do with it?

Making frieeeends for the world to seeeee....

Yep, he just wants to make a few friends. Literally. However, he plans to use them to conquer the humans so the heroes can’t allow that.

"Hey, you wrecked my wall!"

However, the super-evolved animals (although I’m not sure why the crab guy has hands inside his claws) appear to have the advantage.

He is rather stunning, isn't he?

Wonder Woman and Green Arrow aren’t fairing much better until Ollie gets an idea.

If Shark won't put his toys away...

So what is Arrow’s plan? Well, according to Conway evolution is a circular action, so eventually we will all evolve right back to what we were.

...then we'll give him a time out.

And so Ollie switches on the machine and…

"Apparently Hal's having another hissy fit so he went with him."

I may be a creationist, but I’m pretty sure evolution wouldn’t work that way.

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I spared you the obvious Flashpoint reference in that last sentence so the least you can do is to go to Spacebooger.com, check out the rest of this week’s fighters, and vote for your favorite. And feel free to go through your own collections and join us.


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