Masters of the Universe

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I know there’s been some news, with a new Spidey and information on the Superman movie front, but with my current work schedule I don’t have as much writing time today as I would like, so I’m saving that for Monday, to make sure I get my facts and position straight. Luckily, Comics Alliance posted a trailer today for a new documentary that should be of interest to my readers.

If you’ve seen my Friday Night Fights and Saturday Night Showcase postings you know I’m a fan of the old Masters of the Universe series. I didn’t collect a lot of the toys, but I loved the mini-comics and the cartoons. (The live action movie is a whole other story. I’ll tell you that story someday.) Done right, a good toyline can be a magical part of our childhood and bring back fond memories that some people will later deny their own children or the next generation because they’d rather see their childhood favorites “adultified” and the hell with kids. What we may forget is that it’s still a business and what goes on behind the scenes may be less than magical. Urban Archipelago Films is set to release a new documentary entitled Toy Masters that shows what went on during the creation of the original toyline, and even the animated series that helped make it famous. Let’s just say there may be some different kind of sword rattling involved.

Wow, that’s really kind of sad. I’ll be looking for the movie when it comes out on DVD to get the full story. You can follow it on the movie’s website and I assume their YouTube page (although there aren’t any videos at the moment–even this trailer has a different host).

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  1. mcnerderson says:

    You had to know that show was all about selling toys…right? In the first couple of episodes the characters rode all their vehicles with perfectly straight arms and legs so that they would look the same when I played with them.

    This is a great post, and the video was an excellent addition.


  2. mcnerderson says:

    Yeah, I totally did not find the Barbarian fiction guy to be believable at all…I guess this is a Documentary I will be watching.


  3. corey landis says:

    Thanks for the support!


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