In hindsight, she probably should have worn something a bit warmer.

Battle of the Planets: Princess #2

Image Comics/Top Cow (December, 2004)

WRITER: David Wohl
ARTIST: Wilson Tortosa
DESIGN/LETTERERS: Robin Spehar & Dennis Heisler

The boys meet up and battle the robots who combine into a giant blade and then an even bigger robot. Princess finally arrives and together G-Force takes the battle to the Charioteers. Keyop’s new friend dies and Mark reads Princess the riot act. However, a bug Keyop brought back is part of Spectra’s next plan.

What they got right: The story is a good adaptation, while the subplot with Mark and Princess will help connect the next few issues.

What they got wrong: Same as last issue. I would have preferred an original story like the previous comics (unless I’ve forgotten an amusement park episode matching the “Manga” mini) with no acknowledgement that it was based off of an episode. It feels like Wohl is taking full credit for the story, whether or not he intended to do so. I also would love to see a good colorist take on the artwork in this story.

Recommendation: Good so far, but I would still recommend the episode, whichever translation you prefer.

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