Rabid David Tennant fans.

Doctor Who V2 #15

IDW Publishing (March, 2012)

“AS TIME GOES BY” part 3 of 4
WRITER: Josuha Hale Fialkov
ARTIST: Matthew Dow Smith
COVER ART: Mark Buckingham
COLORIST: Charlie Kirchoff
EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton
(cover “a” shown, cover “b” is a photo cover, cover “RI” by Smith)

The Doctor and Rory escape the Silurians and rescue Amy. Then they learn that one of the Silurians isn’t too keen with genocide, pegging him a traitor and the others activating their doomsday device.

What they got right: The revelation of the doomsday plan is a good one. What I really like, though, is having a bad guy who comes to realize that humans are capable of good AND evil. Usually, they focus on the evil and writers never seem to counter with showing what good they can do.

What they got wrong: I see the new writer is still sticking Rory with Amy’s last name. If the show’s doing it (only recently got BBC America and I haven’t been able to catch up on episode they haven’t repeated yet), it’s their fault.

Recommendation: I’ve been out of reading new comics for a while, but luckily I started on a good one. Worth picking up.


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