He does appear in it. I'll give them that.

Godzilla Legends #5


IDW Publishing (March, 2012)

WRITER: Bobby Curnow
ARTIST: Dean Haspiel
COLORIST: Ronda Pattison

A retired adventurer is recruited to climb and get samples from Godzilla. During that time he finds a new species of bird riding on the monster and sees firsthand the devastation Godzilla leaves in his wake before being caught up in a battle between Godzilla and Kumonga. The story is framed as he recounts his story to a reporter before another Godzilla attack.

What they got right: While Dark Horse also did one of these “we must climb Godzilla” stories during their run, this story was more about the reaction to Godzilla rather than the mission, and it’s done rather well.

What they got wrong: Well, except for some minor details. What was the point of the “weird” birds? Humor, maybe, but it didn’t work for me, and brings up a couple other questions. Also, there was nobody YOUNG who could do this mission? Is this old guy the only one to go on these kind of daredevil adventures? And how did a guy on the ground happen to (even accidentally) shoot a guy who is almost to the top of Godzilla with a regular rifle? Finally, this is supposed to be Kurmonga’s story. Like last issue, the focus isn’t on the main monster, only this time no MechaGodzilla means it’s really just Godzilla’s story.

Recommendation: Not a bad story to end the anthology on, but I would have rather seen this as an ongoing series. The flaws are minor and only from a critical perspective. Worth at least taking a look at.

And he just spent all that money on dance lessons.

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