It’s mini-comic time again here at BW’s Friday Night Fights. For this installment we return to the team-up of Marvel Comics and Drakes Snack Cakes. Remember them? They were bought by Hostess and there’s been no announcement of any of their products coming back. I love the Drakes coffee cakes. Now it seems I will miss them forever.

Tonight’s entry comes from the second series of Drakes stories. Shi-Ar criminals escape to Earth hoping to use their weapons to wage war. One group made the mistake of going after The Mount, which at the time was home to the Incredible Hulk while he had Bruce Banner’s personality. (Or apparently he didn’t, I can’t really follow all of that.) He and his colleagues made such easy work of them that it isn’t worth posting. But who doesn’t like seeing the Gladiator smashed into a plateau?

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“Mosquito” round 11

The Battlefield:  The Incredible Hulk Drakes series 2 #3 (Marvel/Drakes Snack Cakes; 1994) “Pantheon Raid”

The Promoters: Eric Fein (writer), Jim Craig (penciler), Dane David Day (inker), Bob Sharen (colorist), and Janice Chiang (letterer)

So after the Hulk and his friends, Ulysses and Hector, take down the Kree criminals, Gladiator arrives to take them back to the Shi-Ar empire. However, Gladiator has little time and less manners, and even the Bannerfied Hulk has a temper, especially after having a romantic evening with Betty interrupted (enjoy it while you can, Bruce). Naturally, this happens.


“Actually, my doctor has me on a strict diet.”

But since this is a mini-comic Gladiator has to take off quickly with his prisoners. Too bad, because I’m sure that would have been a cool fight, and I’ve never really liked the Gladiator before.

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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