Worlds' Finest #14

Does this happen NEXT issue? Are they learning the wrong thing from the Sonic/Mega Man crossover covers?

Worlds’ Finest #14

DC Comics (September, 2013)

WRITER: Paul Levitz
PENCILER: Robson Rocha
INKER: Wayne Facher
COLORIST: Jason Wright
COVER ART: Ryan Sook
LETTERER: Taylor Exposito
EDITOR: Mike Cotton
“HUNTRESS” CREATORS: Paul Levitz, Joe Staton, & Bob Layton
“POWER GIRL” CREATORS: Gerry Conway Ric Estrada & Wally Wood

Desaad steps up attacks on Helena’s safehouses and Karen’s business, hoping to flush the heroes out and gain the technology to return to his universe and Apokolips. Huntress and Power Girl decide to take the fight to Desaad and the newly arrived Parademons may give them that chance.

What they got right: Hey, we got a character moment between Helena and Karen that didn’t need a flashback! And only one like making Karen look bad, and at least was slightly amusing in conversation. The action was pretty good.

What they got wrong: A lot of Desaad and the Apokolips as presented here seems to require familiarity with the New Gods concept in general if not the New 52 version specifically. As such, I really don’t have a handle on Desaad 52 in this comic.

Recommendation: So far the only New 52 title I’m collecting which at least makes it worth a look.

"You weren't using that head, were you?"

“You weren’t using that head, were you?”


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