Transformers RID #19

“Michael Bay must be stopped…no matter the cost.”

Transformers: Robots In Disguise #19

IDW Publishing (July, 2013)

WRITER: John Barber
ARTIST: Dherraj Verma
COLORIST: Joana LaFuente
LETTERER: Chris Mowry
EDITOR: Carlos Guzman

Orion’s team heads to Gorlan Prime in search of Jhiaxus to learn what his plan is, as well as learn a few more things about the planet and Shockwave’s Energon operation.. Said plan involves Waspinator, a dead Titan, and the “true Matrix-Bearer”.

What they got right: Waspinator is back and can actually do something important to the story besides being blown to scrap. (Will this fit in with his infamous “plans”?) It’s good to see more of Optimus Prime, even if he’s going by Orion Pax.

What they got wrong: I remember when Metroplex and the other base/”city” Transformers weren’t some pseudo-mythical beings. I miss those days. This bit wants to be epic and it just feels overdone–epic just to be epic. But that could be me.

Recommendation: This is the second precursor to the “Dark Cybertron” storyline, whatever that’s going to be, but I don’t see this issue exciting newcomers. That could also be me but while I’m curious where they’re going I’m not signing anyone else up to go on the ride.

"Umm, I know we wanted him awake, but I'm sludging myself right now anyway.

“Umm, I know we wanted him awake, but I’m sludging myself right now anyway.


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