Battlestar Galactica #22

Yet another cover that forgets to acknowledge which character the main story’s about.

Battlestar Galactica #22

Marvel Comics (December, 1980)

“Black Is the Color Of My True Love’s hair”

OK, wait, I’m sorry. Normally I save the commentaries for later, but this is the title they went with? Yes, I’m sure it’s a reference or homage or whatever you want to call it but while I’ve had some lame titles in the past for stories and articles, that doesn’t make this one any less lame. Right, back to the credits.

INKER: Klaus Janson
COLORIST: George Roussos
LETTERER: Rick Parker
EDITOR: Louise Jones

Jolly’s undercover operation takes center stage in this story, as Ligea tries to get closer to him and Jolly, under the name Silenus, tries to get closer to the pirates. The pirates make another raid, but Jolly finds the canister of knockout gas they used just as the ships guards find him and think his in league with the pirates. Then he learns Ligea is actually Medea, Uri’s old lover, who was put on that ship and given a new name after testifying against Uri, leading Jolly to suspect she’s the inside man until she helps him escape. Meanwhile, there’s a subplot where Starbuck and Casseiopeia try to cheer up Apollo, whose worried about Boxey.

What they got right: I don’t think Jolly ever had his own episode in the series and none of the comics I’ve read besides this one ever used him as anything other than supporting cast, someone for Boomer to talk to when he wasn’t with Apollo and Starbuck. So having him get his own story is a good thing. Plus this begins wrapping up things that continues into the next issue, the final of Marvel’s run. We also get to see Medea’s redemption, which will be fully proven in the next issue.

What they got wrong: The complaints I have I already joked about in the cover caption and in the credits.

Recommendation: Unless you’re already a fan of the show or this comic run you might not be interested in this story but if you are this is worth looking up.

This is the last of the Marvel run on Battlestar Galactica I have for now. There is still the Realm Press run to cover and I’ve already done Maximum Press’s run in Scanning My Collection and the early Dynamite comics when they came out. (I haven’t been able to get Dynamite’s new run but since most of their other stories were “Starbuck crashes and everyone thinks he’s dead so he must beat Cylons on his own and return to the fleet” tales I wasn’t drawn to pick them up.

I’m going to take a break from BSG for a while and resume with Realm Press’s run in October to finish the comics and move on through my longbox. We’ll look at something else for the next two days.



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