Hawkgirl at least had animated success.

Hawkgirl at least had animated success.

Hey, I’m as interested in seeing a Wonder Woman movie as you are. But imagine a “Worlds’ Finest” movie with someone doesn’t have a bias against one of the girls (Levitz), or something with Manhunter. How about a Catwoman movie with the actual Catwoman? (When even having Halley Berry in a sexy outfit can’t save your movie, you really screwed up.) Heck, I referenced Power Girl’s sole non-comic appearance that I know of (or remember) and it was “evil Supergirl clone”. Kind of messed up.

  • The Clutter Reports: Here’s an oldie repost from BW, but only because what I wanted to do didn’t work out (wasted most of the week when doctor visiting and testing wasn’t involved…stupid kidney stones). It’s the Teen Titans anti-drug PSA, my first introduction to Starfire and Changeling. I kind of hope The Protector isn’t drawn into the mess that is the New 52.
  • Reviewers Unknown: I screwed something up. I posted my second Captain PSA strip as if it was my first…then posted it again as my second RU posting. So FINALLY RU sees the first Captain PSA strip, as our hero warns the kids about mind control. It’s a dangerous thing, you know.

Best Scene Of This Week’s Reviews

Scribblenauts Unmasked #4


Next page: numerous colored Lanterns.

Next page: numerous colored Lanterns.

I don’t think there will be a Best Scene next week. I only picked up two comics and one of them is a reprint, so there’s no competition. I kind of wish I knew this was coming. I would have saved the Astro Boy movie adaptation to clean up this week. I’ll still have that on Saturday but I’ll continue through my longbox for a double helping of “Yesterday’s” Comics this week.

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