Well, one god in particular. And if you know anything about the comics I reviewed this week you know what’s coming. But you know me, fights that end with something other than punching and shooting interest me. It’s something outside of the norm and prove you can have a fight without “punch first, think later” as the default. Besides, I get to laugh at the Loki fangirls. It’s almost as fun at laughing at anyone who thinks Hal is the best Green Lantern every because he’s superawesome and crap.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Boogaloo” round 6

The Battlefield: The Avengers #1 (Marvel; September, 1963) “The Coming Of The Avengers”

The Promoters: Stan Lee (writer), Jack Kirby (penciler), Dick Ayers (inker), and S. Rosen (letterer)

Loki wanted to fight Thor, but it led to other Marvel heroes fighting the Hulk, because this is the Marvel universe. So Loki gets his fight, and gets his clock cleaned. Thor brings Loki to show the gathering of heroes who started all of this.

Boogaloo 6a

One of these guys is already the product of radiation and the other can probably convert it into a power source. Not sure he thought this out.

What Loki didn’t count on, however, was the smallest of the heroes…and plot convenience.

Ant Man's ant friends trap the radioactive Loki in  a radioactive-proof container. (from the Avengers #1)

I want to know how they got Loki to fall sideways.

And so they decided to keep teaming up with Janet coming up with the name the Avengers because they just avenged….themselves?

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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