New Avengers/Transformers #2

Still can’t get over how horrible Wolverine looks on this cover.

New Avengers/Transformers #2

Marvel/IDW (October, 2007)

WRITER: Stuart Moore
PENCILER: Tyler Kirkham
INKER: Sal Regla
COLORISTS: Annette Kwok & Blond
COVER ART: Jason Pearson
LETTERER: Todd Klein
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Alejandro Arbona
EDITOR: Bill Roseman

With surprise assistance from Doctor Doom (because I haven’t written about him enough this week apparently), the Autobots are able to get the Avengers free from Megatron’s mind control, which uses technology stolen from Doom. Meanwhile, Megatron has found a way to use superhuman powers to enhance his own forces, with Spider-Man being a perfect subject. Now the combined Autobot/Avenger group must deal with supercharged Decepticons, but Iron Man has a giant robot of his own.

What they got right: Moore does a good job of merging the two universes. Ms. Marvel (Carol’s superhero name at the time) mentions seeing Megatron’s handiwork on other planets while traveling with the Starjammers. Megatron has met other superhumans on other worlds. Tony has been hearing about shapechanging robots living on Earth because of his interest in technology so naturally he has a Transformers-sized battlesuit. Also, while we get the traditional heroes fighting in a Marvel comic the Autobot aren’t tossing heroes around, but calmly restraining them. It’s not the usual beatdown fight heroes should not be doing to each other and the reason for the fight (Megatron’s array) is better than uninformed disagreements that usually start Marvel hero vs. hero fights.

What they got wrong: I don’t know why Ramjet was written as not being allowed to share in the power boost. Part of me says it lead to events in Ramjet’s “Spotlight” special over at IDW but these aren’t in the same continuity because superhumans never appear in the IDW comic. Also, while I usually leave cover complaints to the caption this is one that was so bad I once wrote an article about it.

Other notes: I had a thought while putting this review together. While the line wouldn’t come out for another year, wouldn’t it have been cool to explain the Marvel character Transformers from the “Crossovers” line were actually transforming battlesuits made as a response to the events in this miniseries?  Or how about a return of the Mega Morphs, even though that was not a Hasbro product.

Recommendation: The story is interesting and the internal art is rather good. (The covers are another story.) It’s worth picking up for fans of both Marvel and Transformers.


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