New Avengers Transformers #3

I’d say he’s aiming the wrong way, but this is Skywarp. He probably was aiming right when he charged up.

New Avengers/Transformers #3

Marvel Comics/IDW (November, 2007)

WRITER: Stuart Moore
PENCILER: Tyler Kirkham
INKER: Sal Regla
COLORIST: Annette Kwok
COVER ARTIST: Ed mcGuinness
LETTERER: Todd Klein
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Alejandro Arbona
EDITOR: Bill Rosemann

The giant Iron Man armor helps turn the tide against the Spider-Powered Decepticons but there’s still the problem of the array and the potential for war. Ratchet, Prowl, and Luke Cage make their way into the array, with Prowl out to destroy the power source and Luke and Ratchet off to rescue Spider-Man…until they’re betrayed by Doctor Doom. (Oh look how shocked I’m not.) However, the Autobots and Avengers decide taking out the array is more important than worrying about their friends and attack anyway, causing an angry Megatron to swat Doom and bring Spider-Man out himself, as the now spider-empowered Decepticon leader goes on the offensive!

What they got right: I’m sure even those of you who have only read my review saw Doom’s turn coming, and Megatron turning on him the moment it looked like Doom screwed up. But let’s be honest, you would have found it wrong if it didn’t happen. While elements of the IDW universe seem to be peeking in (sadly this includes Prowl’s attitude but it’s less annoying here than Simon Furman’s take on Prowl, and we’ll get to that eventually in the Transformers Thursday postings) they’re used well and I like Moore’s take over Furman’s from around this time.

What they got wrong: I’m sorry Moore used the IDW versions not only because this isn’t the IDW universe but I don’t like their version of Prowl. And what purpose, if any, does Ramjet actually serve?

Recommendation: The covers are terrible, but the art and story inside are quite good. Pick this one up.


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