Godzilla (Marvel) #18

I guess Godzilla didn’t like the Bay-style redesigns, either.

Godzilla #18

Marvel (January, 1979)

“Fugitive In Manhattan!”
WRITER: Doug Moench
PENCILER: Herb Trimpe
INKER: Dan Green
EDITOR: Jim Shooter

Godzilla (who you may recall last issue was shrunken by Pym Particles) is to be taken to a temporary place in New York until they can find a permanent home for him once the shrinking gas wears off. However, he escapes during transport (because guess who may have fiddled with the lock), leaving Godzilla lost in the sewers (where he fights a rat) before Rob, trying to bypass the search party, finds him first. Then the gas begins to wear off and Rob has to wonder if Godzilla, now people-sized, sees the boy as friend…or enemy!

What they got right: I do like this story idea, including the rat fight. The Hanna-Barbera cartoon did a similar concept in their show. This is a different take and it works well.

What they got wrong: I don’t know if any of you followed my Twitter feed while I was live-tweeting old Gamera movies but Rob is reminding me of the kid from the first and third movie, and trust me–that’s NOT a good thing. He’s kind of an idiot and while I want to be on his side, I find that I can’t for the same reason I’m not on the side of Dr. Yamane in the first movie. They mean well, but their goals lead to destruction and maybe even death of innocents.

Recommendation: It’s nice to see Moench back to doing what he does best with Godzilla. Snag this one.

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