Godzilla #17 (Marvel)

Great, we get an actual small sized character and I’ve used enough toy jokes lately.

Godzilla #17

Marvel (December, 1978)

“Of Lizards Great And Small”
WRITER: Doug Moench
PENCILER: Herb Trimpe
INKER: Dan Green
COLORIST: Ben Sean (color printings returns next week for me)
LETTERER: Bruce Patterson
EDITOR: Bob Hall

Godzilla takes a nap, which gives SHIELD time to catch up. Dum Dum comes up with a (surprisingly) brilliant idea to capture Godzilla. One name: Henry Pym

What they got right: It’s still not Godzilla fighting monsters, but at least it makes sense for the series to have SHIELD involved rather than cowboys. For two issues. (No, I’m still not over that, it was only last week.) The use of Pym Particles to make Godzilla smaller should (and does) lead to an interesting adventure. Also, even Dum Dum sees that Godzilla isn’t one of the bad “guys”.

What they got wrong: This is the last appearance of Red Ronin. While I have my issues with Rob, I wanted to see him back, too.

Recommendation: Nice to see the series back on track, but if you’re looking for monster battles this is the wrong comic. If you like the idea of SHIELD trying to deal with Godzilla without attacking him (and I can get behind that), this isn’t a bad story to pick up.


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