Voltron (Modern) #2

Not the RoBeast in the comic.

Voltron #2

Modern Publishing (1985)

WRITER: Henry Vogel
PENCILER: Chuck Wojtkiewicz
INKER: Cathy Orlando
COLORIST: Rich Ayers
LETTERER: Mark Lerer
EDITOR: Gary Brodsky

Bored at a party held at the castle, Lance decides to go on patrol, finding a space coffin, and the RoBeast that came in it! Taken by surprise, Lance’s Lion is damaged but he manages to get away and warn everyone. As the rest of the Force heads out to stop the monster, Lance has to stay behind and repair the Red Lion, until Coran contacts the spirit of King Alfor, who tells them that the Lion can heal itself with enough of a power boost. Thus, Voltron is formed and the monster defeated, Lance being reassured that everything worked out in the end.

What they got right: This felt more like a Voltron story. While Lotor was still a bit off it wasn’t as bad as last issue, and the colorist (I think the only holdover from the previous issue) improved. Also, Lance isn’t treated like he royally screwed up for a slight error in judgement.

What they got wrong: The RoBeast (again, not the one on the cover) is just a slight color change from the first one they fought on the TV show. Come on, guys. I was in middle school drawing Voltron fancomics (as they would be known today) and I created original RoBeast ideas. And why does it take the space coffin a year to get there? The others get there sooner. They’re interstellar RoBeast transports after all.

Recommendation: An improvement over the first issue while only slightly “dumbed down” as an American kids comic. It’s worth looking into.


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