Skater X

Radical Guardian Skater X, which should be dropping on ComiXology today, is the latest comic from the minds of Action Age, the online comic where the more action they can put in a story the better they like it. I’ve mentioned them before here at the Spotlight and whatever doesn’t come up in the recommended links should be easy enough to find with the on-site search. Basically, I tend to like their work. Action Age Comics brings Silver Age insanity to a modern setting and if that sounds like your thing, then keep reading this review. Writer Chris Sims put out some review copies and I obtained one for myself.

Skateboarding crimefighters are nothing new. From Stan Lee’s The Condor to the MTV shorts adventures of Stevie Washington, to a Marvel character whose name is totally escaping me, Skater X is good company and easily stands out from the crowd.

The comic follows the adventures of Theo and Ria, two kids whose classmates turn into monsters. They don’t appear to know why but it’s up to Theo’s alter ego, the Radical Guardian Skater X, to keep them from hurting anyone and getting them to calm down. For example, a kid is stressing out about a test and turns into a monster covered with pencils. That’s how Chris Sims rolls, people. Also how he rolls? Sims has mentioned his love for Kamen Rider Fourze and I have to wonder how much influence it had on him. Both feature kids in school turning into monsters and the heroes beating them up only to attempt to make friends later.

Skater X Olsen

Also the kid looks like Jimmy Olsen. I’m betting either Chris Sims wrote that in the script on purpose or artist Joe Hunter knows Sims very well. Speaking of the art, it’s rather good, in the Action Age mode. Even in a low-res version the color was good and I like the character models.

I really only have two minor complaints, one of which might be a spoiler. Otherwise, drop down to the next paragraph. I know that the kids don’t know why their classmates are turning into monsters but, and this is totally a personal preference thing, since blowing them up isn’t an option (if Skater X can reach them the same way he does not Jimmy here, ) it would be nice if they had a way for them to change back, even if the kid simply realizes he was blowing things out of proportion and stopped stressing out over the midterm. I’d have accepted that if not some other attachment to the skateboard that undoes the transformation.

The other one is that there is no explanation for how Theo gets the skateboard that turns him into Skater X. Did Ria invent the thing? She’s smart enough to be able to examine the DNA of previously transformed kids. They don’t know what causes it. Fine. There’s a mystery involved, but even a throwaway line from Theo about Ria or a Professor Somebody creating the Skater X tech would have satisfied me, rather than needing a full origin story. (Maybe later in flashback but it’s Action Age’s style to drop right into the action and considering the shows I grew up with I have no problem adjusting to that.) Again, minor nitpick.

Radical Guardian Skater X hits ComiXology this Wednesday and it looks like a fun comic. Get it if you see it.

Skater X weapon


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