Silverhawks #4

“Is this because I said the Bulls weren’t my team?”

Silverhawks #4

Star Comics (February, 1986)

“Copper Kidd Beats The Odds”
WRITER: Steve Perry
PENCILER: Mike Witherby
INKER: Fred Fredericks
COLORIST: Evelyn Stein
LETTERER: Jack Morelli
EDITOR: Don Daley

A con man comes to Hawkhaven to get the Silverhawks to help him get his money back from a new (rigged) gambling game at the Starship Casino. However, Poker Face keeps the ship beyond the light-year limit, past their jurisdiction and they can’t do anything about it (plus Stargazer doesn’t trust him). However, he is able to talk the Copper Kidd into helping him, but so true is the hero in his aid that while he beats the machine the man gets to the controls and brings the casino past the limit before the mob can finish the Kidd off.

What they got right: Part of me thinks the kind-hearted, youngest member of the team might fall for at least enough of the man’s act that he would help him even when the other Silverhawks try to stop him. It’s another story that feel like it could be on the show, which saddened me to find out so many issue of the brief run were actually episode adaptation rather than original stories like this.

What they got wrong: Even when they have proof that the Kidd is being conned Bluegrass still wants to let him put himself in mortal danger. I understand they want to beat Poker Face at his own game but the Kidd could lose his career, his freedom, and quite possibly his life. It’s only getting the Casino across the light-year limit that saves him from either of these things.

Recommendation: This is the last issue I currently own but while the weakest of the three is still good enough to have a look at if you come across it.


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