Fury Of Firestorm #34

“I don’t think my back is quite THIS sore.”

Fury Of Firestorm #34

DC Comics (April, 1985)

“The Big Freeze!”
PENCILER: Rafael Kayanan
INKER: Alan Kupperberg
COLORIST: Nansi Hoolahan
LETTERER: Philip Felix

Firestorm is able to deal with the fire and bring in Le Flambeau and his men, much to Plastique’s anger. Doreen tries to talk to Ronnie but Martin is forced to wish him away to the lab where Louise Lincoln’s attempt to recreate Crystal Frost’s experiment caused the same result, only this time Lincoln is the one to become Killer Frost!

What they got right: The battle with Le Flambeau ended well.

What they got wrong: I’m sorry but I don’t care for either Killer Frost or this love triangle. If you want Ronnie with Lorraine then write Doreen out of the story somehow. She doesn’t deserve this and I would like to see her learn Firestorm’s secret although their meeting during Firestorm’s putting out of the fires shows she may have a clue that Ronnie is Firestorm. I like Doreen and I want her to start an inner circle, maybe with Harry for Martin (since his relationship with this girl is too new).

Recommendation: The problems I have with this issue are personal. It’s a well-told story and maybe this new Killer Frost will impress me more than her predecessor. We’ll find out soon enough.


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