Fury Of Firestorm #36

These look like poses I would draw.

Fury Of Firestorm #38

DC Comics (June, 1985)

“Slowly I Turned…Niagara Falls!”
PENCILER: Rafael Kayanan
INKER: Alan Kupperberg
COLORIST: Nansi Hoolahan
LETTERER: Helen Vesik (I think, even Comics.Org couldn’t read this credit)

While still fuzed as Firestorm, Martin received a concussion from Plastique’s attack. Hearing about this, Firehawk comes to the Nuclear Man’s aide. At Niagara Falls she talks the new Killer Frost into freezing the Falls while she goes to blow up the generators, Firehawk takes on Frost while the mentorless Firestorm defeats Plastique, giving him the confidence to finally realize he isn’t some dumb jock. He accepts that soon Firestorm will be gone when Martin takes the job at the Pittsburgh college, until a comment by Doreen gives him the solution…after high school he’ll go to Vandemeer, where Martin is going to become a teacher.

What they got right: A great teaching moment for Ronnie as he learns he’s more than a dumb jock and Firestorm isn’t necessarily all he’s good for. This also sets up further the new direction of our heroes’ lives, including the threat awaiting them. And I have to admit, Louise playing the part of Crystal Frost but still having a bit of her humanity does set her apart from her predecessor. Perhaps in the future we’ll see if her conscience outweighs her guilt.

What they got wrong: The early pages are overshaded and somehow that includes the credit text. It made it hard to read. There’s also a word balloon that’s pointing to Martin but based on context looks like it should be pointing to Ronnie.

Recommendation: A great end to the storyline and the comic could almost end here, but I’m glad it didn’t. We’ll see what happens when Firestorm goes to college in the future and I’m looking forward to it.


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