Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 (Marvel)

Get used to this, folks. Almost all of the covers are this generic.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1

Marvel (October, 1995, although the cover says November)

LETTERER: Lorina Mapa
EDITOR: Mariano Nicieza
“Reach Out And Crash Someone!”
WRITER: Fabian Nicieza
INKER: Mark McKenna
COLORIST: Mike Worley
“The Copy Catastrophe”
WRITER: Scott Lobdell
PENCILER: Jake Jacobsen
INKER: Kenneth Branch
COLORIST: Maria Parwulski

Fans of Atop The Fourth Wall may remember this as the comic that led him to start History Of Power Rangers. I really wasn’t looking forward to the Marvel run. Whatever problems I had with the later Hamilton stories are nothing compared to the issues I have with these comics and the “Ninja Rangers” flipbook with VR Troopers. I’ll tell you the worst part now…the 90s artwork is at full effect here, right up to the sideways double-page and exaggerated lines. Fan nitpicks include the dialog being off at times and the Ranger morph sequence never in the right order. Also, every issue is a half-page story, like they were afraid to give kids a full comic-length issue. That makes sense with the aforementioned flip book but here it ruins potential stories. So let’s look at the individual flaws.

The first story has a Zedd turning a computer virus into a monster bug that spreads itself around the world. The NinjaZords are not world-traveling vehicles but somehow the Rangers do just that with them. When the bugs form one huge monster, Billy gets the idea of having every kid connected to the Internet festival Zedd created the bugs from turn the computers off, and with no energy the monster disappears. Lame ending, lame monster, just plain lame. Also, screwing up how computers work in a comic marketed to the computer generation? Fail.

The second story actually had potential, but since this is Scott Lobdell and the Heroes Reborn issues of Iron Man he worked on taught us that potential can be easily wasted, I’m willing to doubt it. The monster is a good idea though, a cat-like monster that can create copies. Too bad they only have time to run around the high school gymnasium doing nothing interesting until the “Copy Cat-Tastrophe” (rather dumb name) manages to absorb them and grow big. He can also copy the Rangers moves and absorb the energy of the Ninja MegaZord (wrongly drawn as the Shogun MegaZord) until he takes too much and explodes. With more time and art that actually shows what the dialog is saying this could have been a good story. Instead, it rushed and weak.

I’ll be saying this a lot. This run is not very good at all and you should avoid it at all costs. Which probably a stupid thing for me to write since I’ll be adding this to the sell page over at The Clutter Reports eventually, but I know some 90’s fan or some Power Ranger fan who wants the complete set will still want these despite my warnings. As long as it gets them out of my bloated collection I guess.

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