The Legend Of Zelda #3

“This snowglobe is all wrong!”

The Legend Of Zelda #3

Valiant (1990)

“The Power” and “The Price”
George Caragonne, Richard Rockwell, Art Nichols, Don Hudson, Jade, & The Gradations

This is my favorite of the Valiant Legend Of Zelda comics not only because the two stories are actually two halves of the same story but because it’s a good story.

It starts when Link and Zelda are seeking a magic trophy Ganon stole from Ruto, which it needs to survive for a reason I guess anyone who finished Zelda 2 will have a better chance of knowing that I would. Link is worried Zelda will be hurt when the Darknuts come out in full force and uses a Wall Master (those hand things that always grab you when you get too close to a wall in the first game) to send Zelda outside. This comes after Link declares his love for her instead of the usual games. It’s actually a touching scene.

While stumbling upon the trophy he finds it in the same room Ganon keeps the Triforce Of Power. When he goes to grab it the Triforce zaps him with some energy which boosts his spell power enough to break out and chase off Ganon. However, Link wants to destroy Ganon instead, and even demands Zelda bring him the Triforce of Wisdom for even more power. When she refuses he walks off. Presumably Zelda takes the trophy back to Ruto. It’s the start of a good tale.

Luckily they didn’t wait until next issue, something I hate when they do with half-stories. It was annoying when Real Adventures Of Johnny Quest did it and even when Captain Planet & The Planeteers did it. If your story takes a full comic, do it in a full comic! Link tracks Ganon to the Palace of Parapa and this time he accepts the Goriyas’ insistence to serve him, even giving Link a robe that looks a lot like Ganon’s. That’s because this whole thing was a trick by Ganon to weaken Link and show him the power of the dark side and whatnot. However, it all backfires on Ganon as the Triforce of Power chooses him instead of Ganon and even Darknut Prime switches his allegiance to the former hero.

Zelda is told by the Triforce of Wisdom that the only way to stop Link is to kill him but she swears to find another way. Even Zelda admitting that she loves Link as well isn’t enough to get past the corruption and when he tries to blast her to get the Triforce Of Wisdom she ends up being protected by the Triforce Of Courage because “he who depends on power alone, without wisdom…cannot claim courage”, so it moves from Link’s heart to hers. But what finally gets to Link is when she makes him look in a mirror to see he’s starting to turn into a pig-person like Ganon. Forced to choose his life or his soul, Link chooses the latter and tosses the Triforce into the same shaft he was about to drop Ganon into. This act proves his courage and the namesake Triforce returns to his heart, curing him of the Power’s corruption. And then Zelda denies ever admitting to loving Link, which is the only disappointment. It would have made an evolution to Link and Zelda’s relationship, even if it is only the third issue. It doesn’t have to follow the cartoon as close as it does when it takes a more serious tone.

“The Power” and “The Price” are two great halves of my favorite Legend Of Zelda story, although I only own one more comic. There are also features on Link, Zelda, and the three Triforces. If you’re going to start with any comic to see if you like this version, I very much recommend starting with this one.

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