History of Power Rangers 2

It’s the big moment. The 15th anniversary team-up between Operation Overdrive, second Black Ranger Adam, Mystic Force Green Ranger Xander, Dino Thunder Yellow Ranger Kira, Ninja Storm Blue Ranger Tori, and…wait, why is Bridge the SPD Red Ranger? Yes, they explain it away in the story, but why did the writers make him Red Ranger? And I wish it was the biggest flaw of the episode.

  • I actually don’t have a problem with Adam running a dojo. Martial arts is his life, as he stated in one episode. Why wouldn’t he run a martial arts school to promote martial arts?
  • I can go either way when it comes to the Overdrive team deciding to leave. On the one hand, Linkara has a point that they could still fight the foot soldiers. On the other hand, nobody brings this up, not even Andrew (further evidence of how bad his mentor skills are), and the Rangers are having a crisis of faith because of it. It’s the typical story of how superheroes deal with their power loss and they aren’t necessarily professionals. Then again, the Turbo Rangers said “screw it, Zordon needs us, Ranger powers or no Ranger powers” and shot themselves into space, so…still better than JLA: Acts Of God though.
  • I also wondered about the Mighty Morphin theme. I assume Adam’s morphing sequence change has to do with making it as visually interesting as the others, and for my morphing grid access theory whatever was done to repair the morpher sans Power Coin might mean the visual looks different from Adam’s point of view, or the stock footage used for the old day morphers wasn’t the actual representation of what a Mighty Morphin Ranger saw when he or she morphed. Who knows? It was weird to watch, though, because it was so different while everyone else kept their sequence.
  • While I agree with Linkara about why Alpha (was this 5 or 6, I forget) is in a box in some Angel Grove storage unit (we go to Angel Grove and that’s what we get? I want to see Adam sad that Ernie’s was replaced with some ordinary ice cream bar and there’s no athletic training area anymore and start feeling old), I actually don’t mind the voice. Maybe not being union or the other VAs being busy or both had something to do with the previous Alpha actors not coming back. As for the echo effect…I don’t mind it too much. At least it’s “ay-yi-yi” and not “yo-yo-yo”. It’s not as good but I don’t hate it.

So, is “Once A Ranger” really that bad? Oh heck yeah it is! As a team-up it fails because they barely team-up. Compare to the first full-team team-up (which means not counting Justin stopping by to help the Space Rangers), when the Space Rangers joined forces with the Lost Galaxy Rangers. It was an actual joining of forces. I don’t mind trying to do something different. The Ninja Storm Rangers being under mind-control and attacking the Dino Thunder Rangers or the Time and Wild Forces taking a bit to get along worked for those stories. Even a crisis of faith tale would have worked…if the Retro Rangers had been responsible for that. Instead, they never meet up again, not even Adam having a talk with Mac instead of Sentinel Knight, who could have popped up after Adam’s talk to warn them about Excelsior (which was obviously screwing up Excalibur, and some how the Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters’ “Megacalibur” sounds like a better name in comparison). The alliance launches an attack and Mac tells Adam to focus on them, that HE’LL go after Excelsior since the Retros need to focus on the attacking army. That makes a connection between the two teams, and would work better towards drawing the Overdrive team back together.

I don’t mind the “crisis of faith due to an allegedly better team” tale but nothing in the story really sells the point that the Overdrives are as good as the Retros. This isn’t a total loss, but it needs a lot of tweaking to be as good as this story could have been. Again, that’s why I dislike Wild Force more than Operation Overdrive, because I care more about that show and see more potential. Operation Overdrive? I don’t care so I don’t have as much interest in having a strong opinion about it. The creative team doesn’t seem to care, so why should I?

Tomorrow it’s the finale as Mac’s history becomes even dumber and makes Andrew Hartford look like an even bigger idiot. Join us, won’t you?


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