Transformers Generation Two #6

Big deal, they’ll just resurrect him in a few issues.

Transformers: Generation Two #6

Marvel (April, 1994)

WRITER: Simon Furman
COLORIST: Sarra Mossoff
LETTERER: Richard Starkings with Gaushell
EDITOR: Rob Tokar
“Tales Of Earth” part 3
ARTIST: Derek Yangier
“The Gathering Darkness”
PENCILER: Manny Galan
INKER: Jim Amash

Swindle gives Megatron a tour of Warworld and Megatron thinks maybe he was hasty in killing Bludgeon. But he says he never looks back…except for wanting revenge on Sparkplug for tricking him, all the times he wanted to go after Optimus Prime, and those are just the two that immediately come to mind. Megatron is a revenge-minded guy, and that usually calls for looking back. He is then pointed to a net filled with lifeless Decepticons, which Bludgeon hoped to give life to with the remaining energy of the Creation Matrix that still resides with Optimus…again, despite the fact that this isn’t the body he had the last time he had the Creation Matrix. That one died destroying Unicron. This was his third body.

Also, a net hanging from the ceiling? Way to take care of your future brethren, Bludgeon.

Meanwhile, Soundwave is wondering why Megatron revived Starscream (and so is Ramjet as for some reason Starscream is quite the annoying chatterbox now) because he betrayed Megatron on many occasions. Except in the comics he didn’t. Outside of the Underbase situation (where he betrayed Ratbat) and after his first return (where he didn’t so much betray Megatron as restore his personality thanks to Ratchet and later betrayed Scorponok) he’s legacy of betrayal only happened on the TV show. Megatron says Starscream is only alive until they get the toys off of the shelves Creation Matrix and then he plans to kill Starscream. That doesn’t really answer the question. I haven’t seen him do anything helpful like Megatron claims and outside of the toy promotion I don’t see a reason for him here, either. Maybe Furman couldn’t avoid Hasbro as much as I thought or Starscream (or at least his version, which feels like a dark parody of the show version) is another pet character.

I don’t know why they’ve bothered with two stories per issue. It’s not like Furman doesn’t have a history of numerous plotlines going on without it, and this just feels like a continuation of the first few pages. Still, the main story (oddly in the back) starts with Optimus coming to help the Joes. Hawk (at least I think that’s Hawk, the art is terrible and for some reason Titan really messed up the colors on the splash title page in their reprint) isn’t happy about getting one Autobot. However, Optimus thinks it’s best to reason with Megatron because they face a stronger enemy. Because that worked so well with Scorponok and Megatron isn’t worse than him. Wait, wrong on both counts. Optimus really doesn’t learn from his own mistakes, does it? Not Furman’s version, anyway.

So he faces Megatron but since he isn’t fighting Megatron easily defeats him with his new powers and uses a siphon to steal the Creation Force (the name for the leftover Matrix energy he shouldn’t have) and takes off as Grimlock (who I would say doesn’t learn, either, but he was smart enough to realize this is a dumb plan because Furman loves his Grimlock and his Grimlock hates everyone who isn’t a Dinobot) and a squad of Autobots arrive. Optimus isn’t worried, convinced Megatron will go after the Neo-Decepticons once he has his new army running. Optimus is kind of an idiot today. Meanwhile, the other threat, the Swarm, kills off a planet. Furman just loves trashing every planet he can, doesn’t he?

So this story is another bust. Optimus is dumber than every, Starscream is a chattering moron, and Megatron and Grimlock are the only thing resembling intelligent. But now we’re half-way through this series and the sooner it dies the happier I’ll be. Stay tuned for issue #7.

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