It’s the final round of this tournament before the Prize Fight so we need to do something special. How about an amalgamation of Green Lantern and Iron Man fighting a giant robot shark. Not enough? Seriously? How about we put him in space? I thought that might get your attention.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Thunder” round 12

The Battlefield: Iron Lantern (Amalgam/Marvel; June, 1997) “Showdown At Stark Aircraft!”

The Promoters: Kurt Busiek (writer), Paul Smith (penciler), Al Williamson & others (inkers), Christie Scheele & Digital Chameleon (colors), and Comicraft (lettering)

Hal Stark’s aircraft company is attacked by Great White, a giant robotic shark that wants to destroy everything. In order to save his company and a whole lot of lives, Hal becomes Iron Lantern and uses his armor’s ability to create solid light constructs to try and get GW out of harmings way.

"The Rocketeer" gets a major makeover.

“The Rocketeer” gets a major makeover.

Once in space, Great White snaps the straps, so Iron Lantern has to make himself giant-sized as well.

Can the Hulkbuster armor do this?

Can the Hulkbuster armor do this?

But thanks to other events in the story Hal loses the connection to his power battery and is running on reserve power, which can’t maintain the giant armor. So Iron Lantern goes for the direct approach.

In other words, lunch.

In other words, lunch.

How much damage can he do from in there?

I hope Great White isn't listed as endangered.

I hope Great White isn’t listed as endangered.

And that’s why there is no Sharknado in the Amalgam Universe. Iron Lantern is an expert in fighting flying sharks.

click to vote in this week's tournament

click to vote in this week’s tournament

Head over to by Sunday night and vote for your favorite Friday Night Fight! (Forum membership is NOT required to vote, only to comment.) Winners of these 12 rounds are heading to the Prize Fight, and as this is the last round of the tournament, you’ll have to wait until the next one to join up. Stay tuned.

The Iron Lantern review comes tomorrow.

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