The Batman Adventures #35

“This is how we handle ticket scalping in Gotham!”

The Batman Adventures #35

DC Comics (September, 1996)

“The Book Of Memory”
WRITERS: Ty Templeton & Kelley Puckett
ARTIST: Mike Parobeck & Rick Burchett
COLORIST: Rick Taylor
LETTERER: Tim Harkins
EDITOR: Scott Peterson

Strange is losing his mind, seeing David and his killer everywhere. Meanwhile, Catwoman has convinced an amnesiac Batman that he’s actually Catwoman’s partner in crime. But with the mind of a pre-dead parents seven-year-old, he still has a good conscience. Gordon and Robin compare notes and set a trap to bring Batman out. Dick convinces Bruce to return home to show him that he’s actually a crimefighter.

What they got right: So I’m assuming that Catwoman didn’t look (at least at Batman’s face) when she put him in the (for lack of an actual name) Catman costume. That would be in keeping since Batman (and not the guy under the mask) is the object of Catwoman’s desire. Thus far this is an interesting story, and the voices of the characters (except for Strange, who is out of his mind at the moment) were there and thus in my head.

What they got wrong: Where did Selina get the Catman costume? And why does she have one in Batman’s size?

Recommendation: This is turning into an interesting story. Next week is the conclusion (in more ways than one) and I hope it ends as well as it built up here.

And if you’re reading this because your a fan of Batman: The Animated Series, stay tuned for tonight’s feature article. It should be rather illuminating.


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