Brass City Comic Convention logo

The only interviews I was able to get this years (since odds are I won’t get to attend any other conventions in CT this year) were at Brass City. Not sure what else to say which is why I don’t have an audio intro either. We just jump right into the interviews. Maybe you’ll find something new to check out.

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  1. Sean says:

    Good video on the Brass City Comic Convention. Hey, you’re very creative yourself, Shadow Wing. Have you ever considered writing novels? (like the first guy you interviewed in the video)


  2. Sean says:

    That’s great! For years, I have been thinking about writing historical fiction. I just might do so. Anyhow, that writer at the beginning of the video was quite interesting because he writes books in a variety of genres. It’s good to see a local person from the Waterbury region getting paid for the books he writes!


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