I'd say go watch the show and check for yourself, but they had the show taken down because of one flag on the roof.

I’d say go watch the show and check for yourself, but they had the show taken down because of one flag on the roof.

I try to keep politics off this site when I can because I want everyone to get something positive out of it, even if you disagree with my opinions. And nothing divides like politics, except maybe Man Of Steel. (Yeah, I had to get that joke in there.) However, The Dukes Of Hazzard  (and I only just now realized I spelled that wrong in the comic) got hit hard because some racist scumbag decided to shoot up a black church. The Confederate flag has been the subject of debate for the past few years, although it wasn’t a huge debate topic for some reason back when the show came out. The Confederates didn’t just secede over slavery, although that was the scummiest reason. Today it’s a symbol of Southern pride, no more racist than the pink triangle, a symbol of gay rights, is the anti gay symbol it was when the Nazis used it! (I wish I could find the Cracked article about that.)

And yet, despite a total lack of racism on the show, it’s been exorcised by the entertainment industry. TV stations took it off the air, Hulu took it off their site, and even Warner Brothers stopped releasing it. Good luck finding the DVDs in stores because if WB didn’t take them away I’m betting the stores have been pressured to stop selling it and any related merchandise. The General Lee is an iconic vehicle, like KITT or the Batmobile (although the Batmobile is never the same from product to product) and the fact that it and one of the best family-friendly shows on television should be targeted because of one racist psycho…come to think of it, that kind of turns him from murderer to terrorist, doesn’t it?

I took part in a clutter-cleaning project of my dad’s this week for The Clutter Report. We swapped out an old couch for a newer couch we had that wasn’t being used. In the comments I also mention another anti-clutter project.

As for the sudden appearance of Metal Guardian Faust on Friday, that was a last-minute decision. I-Bots was the only comic getting two issues reviewed a day and that makes linking to the previous review a little harder since they’re both written at nearly the same time and before any of them go up (if I time it right). So now the I-Bots have a new robotic buddy. Meanwhile, the regular Star Wars continuity (at least in my collection) is ending soon. I’m trying to decide if I’m going to go over the Mangas and my copy of the Return Of The Jedi adaptation has seen better days. After that I have some different Star Wars comics Dark Horse set in the days of the Old Republic and before, so when that and the Droids adventures conclude that will be it for Star Wars in comic form for a while. (There’s still a few novels I have that will make Chapter By Chapter.) Finally, the Cybertron days of Dreamwave’s Transformers G1 will start the final miniseries before we move to Earth, the unfinished Age Of Wrath. Unfinished because Pat Lee screwed up the company and screwed over everyone creating for it. This update will hopefully not change this week. Unless I get a last-minute idea again.

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