Super Grover's been...BATMANED!

Super Grover’s been…BATMANED!

At this point all of the good jokes have been taken. Word came yesterday via The New York Times that HBO would get first access to Sesame Street. I don’t know if HBO still has kids programming outside of their kids programming channel, but the move (which will not stop PBS from getting new shows, just a few months later, or re-running old ones) is not without its controversy. What do you think? Is this a good thing to get more Sesame Street production (more episodes per season and potential spinoffs according to the article), or will it hurt both the Sesame Street brand and PBS in the long run?

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  1. Sean says:

    Sesame Street should remain a fully PBS entity because PBS is all about educational programming whether for kids or adults. HBO has more of the “sleaze factor”, thus, it doesn’t even make sense to show Sesame Street on that channel. It seems rather odd that HBO would even place Sesame Street on its roster. When I think educational programming, HBO certainly doesn’t come to mind! Now if Sesame Street was on A nd E channel, that would be more understandable!


    • They do have a kids lineup and a kids channel. That can be forgotten considering the shows they’re usually known for. And they’ve worked with Henson (who makes the Muppets for Sesame Workshop) on educational shows in the past.


  2. Sean says:

    I haven’t seen HBO since the 1980s so I wasn’t aware that there has been kids’ programming on HBO. My family only had HBO for a short time. But back in the 80s, it was known as the channel to watch R rated movies. So in my mind, I still associate HBO with those times.


    • In the 80s they only showed R movies at night. Now they don’t care when they show it.I looked on the schedule and apparently they don’t have a kids lineup anymore, probably moving everything to HBO Family, which is a higher tier channel. Unless they’re trying to return kids and family TV to their regular channel this could be worse than we thought, but at least PBS will get the new episodes eventually.


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