Metal Guardain Faust #2

You couldn’t afford a sidecar, Faust?

Metal Guardian Faust #2

Viz Comics (1997)

Originally published by Shogakukan, Inc

“Clash Of The Steel Warriors”
WRITER/ARTIST: Tetsuro Ueyama
COVER DESIGN: Viz Graphics
EDITOR: Annette Roman

Hiding at a condo, Faust tries to learn more about Rushiha’s father, Santa Gyokoji, president of robotic company (or possibly AI programming, I’m not sure) Venussoft. He’s gone missing and even his employees are concerned, although sure he’s just at a cabin that he goes to. Meanwhile, a girl robot named Angel is at a cabin with a guy in a hooded robe sitting on the porch. She is the one sending robots after Rushiha, and she sends two more, the armored missile-like Dasher and the crab-like tank Dancer, to capture the girl. Faust manages to stop Dasher thanks to his gun’s power mode, but Dancer catches up to Rushiha and Faust’s motorcycle.

What they got right: Cute to name the robots after Santa’s reindeer when your naming the creator Santa. The mystery surrounding Rushisha and the robots gets more interesting. I also like the designs of each of the robots.

What they got wrong: Faust theorizes he was made at RR Corporation, where the other escaped robots are from, yet the profile section at the back (which I otherwise like as they give the full history of Dasher and Dancer) outright states he’s from RR, which I thought was part of the mystery.

Recommendation: Two issues in and I’m enjoying this. It’s fun and action packed but with a good mystery. Check this series out if you can.

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