Transformers Armada #18

Yeah, we weren’t happy with how the Unicron Battles came out, either.

Transformers Armada #18

Dreamwave (December, 2003)

WRITER: Simon Furman
PENCILER: Guido Guidi
INKER: Elaine To
COLORIST: David Cheung, Jong-Im Lee, Elliot Kravchik, & Sigmund Torre

Unicron makes his way into the Armada universe, believing Optimus and Megatron are as dead as they usually, are, unaware that his force was taken down. The combined forces of Autobot and Decepticon launch an attack and the Mini-Cons combine their power with the collected energies of the Mini-Cons from Over-Run’s dimension to blast him. Hot Shot, Red Alert, Laserbeak, and Scavenger take advantage of Megatron going to make a deal with Unicron to blast him as payback for Smokescreen, leaving him to die on Unicron’s surface. The war appears to be over, but are Unicron and Megatron truly gone?

What they got right: This is tough to judge. While the action moves fast, Hasbro was transitioning the toyline from Armada to Energon and the comic had to follow suit. They did take time to say goodbye to Rad, Carlos, and Alexis when I thought they were forgotten about. (They will play a role in the Energon comic.) They also shoved in Rhinox, Cheetor, Airrazor, and Terrorsaur, whose Transmetal molds were refitted for the Armada toys, and will pop up in the next comic (which will continue the numbering from this issue).

What they got wrong: But thanks to the limited time they were given this fight feels short. Compare it to the last time Furman wrote an epic battle with Unicron. Bad as that story was it was double-sized and at least tried to make the slaughter of every toy no longer being sold feel epic. It wasn’t but they tried. Here it’s a normal sized comic in a story Furman has actually been writing well. It feels like a mistake. Also, seeing Autobots taking revenge, especially someone with Red Alert’s personality, doesn’t feel right.

Recommendation: This comic could have been better but time was against it. For what it is, it’s a fair finale at best, necessary for the transition next month to Transformers Energon with the numbering transitioning over for the “Unicron Trilogy” (or what we got before Dreamwave shut down). That at least makes this worth picking up to complete the storyline and begin the transition.

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