Mighty Mouse #2 (Spotlight)

“You were going 200 light-years in a 150 light year zone!”

Mighty Mouse #2

Spotlight Comics (1987)

no connection to BW Media Spotlight 😀

COVER ART: Curt Swan & Frank McLaughlin
“Plan Feline From Outer Space”
WRITER: Jim Main
PENCILER: Win Mortimer
INKER: Frank McLaughlin
COLORISTS: Tony Basilicato, Kelley Jarvis, & Rowen Pascal
LETTERER: Kurth Hathaway
“The Devil You Say”
WRITER: Steve Keeter
COLORISTS (according to comics.org): Kelley Jarvis

Our first adventure finds Prince Furrious from planet Morris trying to gather an army of fellow cats to conquer mice across the universe. He comes up with a plan to capture Mighty Mouse in a giant bubble in space. However, a passing meteor shower gives Mighty Mouse an out and he still saves Terrytown’s mouse population. A fun story.

A shorter story has the Devil (who is of course a cat) tired of Mighty Mouse stopping him from making things miserable in Terrytown. So he sends an army of winged cats to cause havoc. Mighty Mouse takes care of them all, so the Devil goes after our hero himself. Apparently he doesn’t like water because it’s the fire department that comes to Mighty Mouse’s aid. Outside of the fourth wall breaking it was okay.

For my fellow Mighty Mouse fans this is worth looking up as a curiosity. Spotlight (the publisher out of Waterbury I mentioned Sunday) only published, from what I can tell, two issues and two specials. For non-fans this issue wasn’t anything spectacular and you may not have the same interest.

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