Proverbs & Parables

“I’d ask who took the last jelly donut, but I’m Jesus. I already know.”

Proverbs & Parables

New Creation Publications (1998)

CONSULTANTS: Nate Butler & Alec Stevens
PRINCIPAL LETTERERS: Don & Laura Chin & Don Ensign
EDITOR: Kevin Yong
PENCILER: Gary Shipman
INKER: Danny Bulanadi
COLORIST: Steve Firchow
GRAPHICS: Clint Johnson
COLLAGE: Ralph Miley
LAYOUT: Hal Jones
CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS: Mark Ammerman, Rebecca Baerman, Leo Bak, Michael Bennett, Kenn Bivins, Harold Bucholz, Danny Bulanadi, Rick Bundschub, Nate Butler, Sergio Cariello, Steve Crespo, Farel Dalrymple, Greg Dampier, Jay Disbrow, Eddie Eddings, G. Raymond Eddy, Don Ensign, Tim Gagnon, Jesse Mann, Steve Firchow, Michael James, Eric Jensen, Dennis Jensen, Clint DeRon Johnson, Hal Jones, Don Kelly, Christine Kerrick, K.J. Kolka, Billy Leavell, Gary Martin, Jack Martin, Mike S. Miller, Ralph Ellis Miley, Roman Morales III, Bill Morrison, Win Mumma, David Murphy, Devin Parker, Jim Pinkoski, Drew Pocza, Mark Poe, J.D. Ray, Bud Rogers, Gary Shipman, Howard Simpson, Alex Stevens, Geoff Strout, Andrew Szymanowicz, Todd Tennant, Kyle Vannoy, Bill Webb, Kathleen Webb, Edgar J. Williams, Monte Wilson, Chris Yambar, Kevin Yong, Carlos Garzon, Gene Yang, & Randy Emberlin

You can guess from the title what this book is about. Proverbs & Parables are adaptations of the advice poems known as Proverbs as well as the parables Jesus used to teach his ministry. Additionally, some of the letters from the Apostles and one of the Psalms (poems/songs collected in the Old Testament) were adapted. But what makes this book special is in the details. So I guess for once it’s the angel in the details instead of the devil. How appropriate. Folks, this is a book not only for Christians but for comic book fans and cartoonists like my fellow Art Soundoff contributors, even the ones who don’t believe in Christianity or any other religion.

You see, every writer, artist, and team in this black-and-white anthology offers up their own style. That means one story can take on a more serious tone, another a more light and cartoonish tone. Some take place in Bible times, some in modern times, some in the Old West, some in the future, and some in an anthropomorphic universe. And being short adaptations the varying tones don’t harm the flow of the narrative. As a cartoonist and comic fan as well as a Christian, reading each strip is a new experience of numerous art styles and tones. It’s as visually exciting as it is spiritually uplifting. I can just look at the artwork and be amazed and then read the words connected to it and get something out of that as well.

This is a labor of love for everyone involved, including the people who put the book together. According to info in the front of the book this was a project they had been trying to do for years and they were happy to finally get it done, and the results speak for themselves. There is also a foreword going into a brief history of Christian comics that is also interesting. However, the draw is the adaptations and the wide array of art styles, despite all of the dialog, whether narrated captions or word balloons, being taken straight from the Bible. The Kings James version is the standard but some variants were allowed to give the creators their own flow and it works for the project.

Proverbs And Parables is a must-own book (yes, buying through that Amazon link helps support the site) for fans of the creators involved (many of whom have worked on more well-known mainstream comics), comic fans who love a variety or anthology, comic creators and would-be creators who want to look at a wide variety of art styles, and especially any Christians who fall into any of those categories, although being a person of faith is not a requirement to get something out of the teachings and art found in the pages of this book. Seriously, go buy this now!

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