I’ve never gotten into the Metroid franchise. I don’t have the time, it’s not my kind of exploration game (although I do enjoy exploration games), and unless they give Samus a GPS I’ll be lost in five minutes. I’m already bad at video games, so why go after one I have no hope in playing. I want to have fun when I lose, dang it!

Still, I can understand the complaints surrounding the new game in the “Prime” series, a spin-off called Federation Force, where you play not as Samus Aran, the hero of the game, but a group of soldiers, like playing Halo in multiplayer. In fact, Federation Force IS a multiplayer game, with a Rocket League wanna-be called Blast Ball, used to practice the game controls. It’s not the first person shooter fans of the Prime wing of the Metroid fanbase was looking for and it could mean development spent on a chibi multiplayer game that even the promos say is hard to play single-player could have been better spent on a more traditional Metroid game (preferably with better characterization than Other M, the bane of fans) that the fans have been begging to get for years now. I totally understand where you’re coming from here and maybe you have a point. That said…what the hell, gamers?

You honestly went to Change.org, a website devoted to petitions on major issues of world events, to ask for a video game to be canceled and the producers fired? Oh I see it. World hunger. Civil rights. A cutesy Metroid game. All the same thing, right? I saw a comedy video where they set up a paramilitary group to hunt the creators down like Jason Borne joined Seal Team 6. It’s actually rather funny, but it does make the point that telling Nintendo to flush the lots and lots of money spent to create the game, the man hours (or woman hours, but you know how that one sector goes into death threat mode anytime a woman dares to work on a video game and makes the rest of the community look bad) given to the production, and shoving people who worked their backsides off to the curb (“because @#$%# their families, the purity of my game shelf is more important”) because you don’t like a direction of a game? Really? I thought petitioning the White House to build the Death Star was stupid, although that one still wins by missing the point of the Death Star!!!!!!! Just because it’s cool doesn’t mean you should.

So there has to be a better way to show your dislike of this series, right? There’s the old-fashioned boycott, but that just means not buying something. What does that prove? Well, my old Reviewers Unknown colleague and friend TestZero pointed me to a better solution…at least to those of you with holes in your collection.

It’s called a “buycott”. It’s like a boycott only you still spend money and there’s no need to waste perfectly good Pokemon Go time picketing. That Blastoise isn’t going to capture itself after all. I think this image can explain better than I can.


I’m a story fan first and foremost (although I do enjoy a good platform or puzzle game) and I find the story interesting. A group of soldiers form the Federation Force to stop the space pirates of this franchise from creating a would-be Death Star. (Who needs the White House?) Blast Ball is a soccer-style game where you and your friends try to shoot the oversized ball into it’s goal, which is why I compared it to Rocket League. To be honest both games look fun to play and the art isn’t bad.

The problem for fans is that these aren’t Metroid games. I think it’s silly to complain about the art style because that has no bearing on the game itself. Remember when Legend Of Zelda fans threw a fit of the art in Wind Waker when the trailers came out because it didn’t look like Twilight Princess only to really enjoy the game? That could happen here as well. I do understand being upset that you don’t play as Samus in the same way Halo fans were upset that at least two of the games in that series has you playing as a paratrooper or a Spartan who isn’t Master Chief. While I’m all in favor of expanding a universe with a side game set in the Prime timeframe (because I’m all in favor of new characters to diversify a series rather than the replacement method we see from media lately) I do understand that because it’s been so long since they’ve been able to play as Samus (without the stigma of the way Other M portrayed her, as someone willing to actually make her job harder to appease her old mentor/possible crush rather than somehow use the weapon upgrades of previous games) they want a game to play as her.

Also, from what little I’ve seen and what little I know of the franchise’s story, Federation Force didn’t need to be a Metroid game. However, demanding Nintendo purposely take a financial hit that may damage themselves in order to supposedly protect the brand is inconsiderate and just plain crappy on their part. Plus as the graphic said, it might tell Nintendo there is no interest in the franchise. Buying the older games on the eShop, posting images of the game, seeing if you can get in a Let’s Play before Nintendo ironically has it taken down, or buying merchandise (surprised they didn’t mention that for fans who own all the games already in some, hopefully legal, form) is a better way to send the message “we love the franchise, just not this entry”. I may also suggest that these games may bring people into the franchise…or would if single-player didn’t still have the same enemy level as four-player mode. Serious, why did you think that was a good idea, Nintendo? Not everybody likes playing online and have three other Metroid fans as friends or relatives.

If you want to see where the buycott meetups are or learn more about this event, “Bounty Hunter Buycott” has a Facebook page and TZ pointed me to a forum discussion on the issue as well. And don’t throw a fit at someone who buys Blast Ball or Federation Force. After all, even Nintendo hates taking losses and nobody should be fired for a GOOD game just because you don’t like the franchise it’s put into, and nobody should be told what gaming experience they are “allowed” to have. Gaming should be fun for everyone, so everyone should have their own game. I’m hoping Samus would agree. You know, if she wasn’t fictional and all.


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