Darkhawk #38

The big reveal…right on the cover so it’s not as interesting when it happens in the comic.

Darkhawk #38

Marvel (April, 1994)

Amulet Quest part 1: “Call To Glory”
WRITER: Danny Fingeroth
INKER: Ian Akin
COLORIST: Bob Sharen
EDITOR: Nel Yomtov

Darkhawk and St. Johnny arrive on the Hawk ship but our hero isn’t completely trusting that Evilhawk isn’t already in charge when Osch takes the Evilhawk amulet and puts it in the space where his body once was. He also claims that all the amulets are deteriorating, which is why Chris had so much trouble with the transformation, and that others are lost somewhere in null space. Sensing Chris/Darkhawk’s split between being with his family and wanting to save the multiverse, Osch tries something that leads to Chris and Darkhawk being separate beings, the former being sent back to Earth to be with his family while the latter continues on as his own person. Then Evilhawk takes over St. Johnny and has him extract data from the computer, but the data is too much for him. Darkhawk tries to stop him before the ship is blown up and the energy from the console alters his robotic body just before an explosion launches him into null space!

What they got right: The image on the cover isn’t the best, but you are getting a basic idea of the design, which I rather like. (With a couple of exceptions but we’ll get back to that.) It’s sleek with better-fitting shoulder pads and some cool looking gauntlets.

What they got wrong: I do, however, miss the wings that helped sell the “hawk” part and the claw cable he used to nab foes. Sure he can fly and not just glide now but he didn’t just use the cable to launch himself. I also hate that they tossed away the secret identity, happy as I am to see Chris has a chance to reconnect with his family. I would rather have seen them learn Chris was Darkhawk and be there to support him, but that’s a personal preference. God bless you pre-52 Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle. The method Darkhawk gets his cooler look is also weak. It might have been better for it to be an intended redesign to better navigate null space and find the amulets than some energy data think altering his body.

Recommendation: This was a good point for new readers to jump on back in the day (although I’d still recommend starting at the start to see where came from, partly because this design was abandoned for the original without any explanation I know of) and it’s still a good start to yet another story arc. Worth looking into.

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