“I told you I didn’t steal your Halloween candy!”

Darkhawk #39

Marvel (May, 1994)

“Amulet Quest” part 2: “Space Screams”

WRITER: Danny Fingeroth


INKER: Ian Akin

COLORIST: Bob Sharen


EDITOR: Nel Yomtov

When we last left our hero, he had been separated from Chris Powell, who was allowed to return Earth, but Evilhawk, now fighting Osch for control of the Darkhawk ship, had taken control of St. Johnny. Darkhawk tried to stop him from downloading data on a new body but the resulting explosion altered Darkhawk’s body to match that one, as well as flinging him out of the ship and into null space. I know I wasn’t going to do series recaps but this was all rather important. Obviously. Plus we ended on a War Machine comic before the hiatus.

His new body coming with new powers (a full-body force field, a more powerful Darkforce blast, optic force beams, and enhanced vision), Darkhawk manages to help rebuild the section of the ship that got exploded. Their search begins for the first of the amulets also flung into space during the explosion. They find it, but not before the resulting energy destroys a planet. With added armor, Darkhawk manages to grab the amulet and put it in a container, but alien soldiers want it to destroy their enemies and won’t listen to our hero about it potentially destroying the galaxy (or universe, I can’t remember offhand). Instead, he uses it to repel the soldiers but takes his own damage. Without the body-switching, the repair process is slower and painful, and Darkhawk hears what he believe to be Evilhawk warning him that Osch is the real threat. Back on Earth, Chris’s reunion with all of his family is interrupted by Dobbs, trying to warn Chris about the same thing but he also assumes Evilhawk is taking control of him. Is Osch to be trusted?

What they got right: As I (think I) said last time I like Darhawk’s new form (although I miss the wings) but he gets some cool new powers as well. Chris’s life is getting better and he even has a potential love interest that hopefully will be more interesting than his first one, and less trouble than his second. The mystery of whether or not Osch has been corrupted is also interesting.

What they got wrong: How does Dobbs know what’s going on back on the ship? How does a data download from an explosion alter a robotic body’s physical form? And if these amulets have so much power why does Darkhawk’s seem to do nothing but switch his body around before Chris’s mind was split between his human and robotic bodies?

Recommendation: It’s good to be back to this series because I really like it and hopefully I can complete the run someday. But I’m ignoring the retcon from “War Of The Kings” years later because it doesn’t make sense based on what’s happening in this issue.

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