Black Lightning

Black Lightning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CBR is reporting that the proposed Black Lightning series, based on the DC character is no longer going to be on Fox, which has ruined the supposed Batman origin series by having little to do with Batman giving us mostly unlikable characters. Instead the show is going where it should have, on the CW. It’s about time, as they seem to do a better job with DC heroes than anyone else not called Justice League Action nowadays. And that’s because I haven’t caught more episodes of Powerless. I’m forgetting everything that’s on lately. h/t to Galvanic for this info, as CBR is a hard site to use these days thanks to the site’s layout and auto-playing videos. And am I the only one tired of endlessly scrolling to the next article instead of ending the page?

Since they, for some reason, kept Supergirl in an alternate universe (where it was when the show aired on CBS) I wish they’d set Black Lightning’s show in that universe so Supergirl has more heroes to hang out with besides Martian Manhunter and occasionally Superman when the producers aren’t worried about him stealing the show. I think they also turned their version of Jimmy Olsen (a character no live-action version has ever gotten right for some reason–Adventures Of Superman being the closest) into the Guardian of that reality but I haven’t been able to follow this season for obvious reasons to anyone who has been here since 2016. So having another hero to cross over with that isn’t part of her supporting cast would be nice. Plus Supergirl’s universe seems to embrace sunlight more than her counterparts in the other universe.


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