Stratos’ closet.

Masters Of The Universe vol. 3 # 7

Image Comics/MV Creations (November, 2004)

Yes, MV was working with Image again for some reason.

STORY: Leanne Shaw Hannah, Emiliano Santalucia & Val Staples

WRITER: Val Staples

ARTIST: Leanne Shaw Hannah

COLORIST: James Offredi (assisted by Diedre Vance)

COVER COLORIST: Jeremy Roberts

LETTERING: Lithium Pro

EDITORS: Vicki Jaeger, Monica Lopez, & Geoff Walker

Stratos returns to the village he grew up in and reminisces about this time here, on the ground, before it was attacked by locust people. Only Stratos and his sister Hawk escaped, and the locusts traveled to other villages to steal their food and killed anyone who opposed them (or didn’t have food). Over time Stratos formed other survivors into a rebellion against the locusts and freed their enslaved people, but it appeared to be a losing battle. Following a seer’s advice and an old legend, Stratos and Hawk went in search of a new home for their people, the ancient home of their ancestors, Avion, and the egg that would restore the land. This is where the bird people live to this day, and Hawk has joined him after his recent mission to Eternos because it’s time for Stratos to come home until the next disaster.

What they got right: This series started with villain origins so this issue we get to see a hero’s. And while I’m getting burned out on tragic origins in comics and other media, it is a good story. We also get to see what the bird people look like without their helmets.

What they got wrong: And they are freaky! They look like humans, just like the stuff we usually can see except for the arm wings, but their eyes are almost double the regular size. And they go without helmets for most of the story so someone really liked that design. I was not one of them, probably because the rest of them look so human. But after the previous storyline I think I could have used something a bit lighter than death and rebellion, even if it isn’t as heavy as the previous story and ultimately more hopeful.

Recommendation: Not a must-have story but worth having for the full series. And I still recommend the entire run.


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  1. Sean says:

    This review makes me curious to see what the Bird Peoples’ eyes look like. I’d love to see an origin story in comic book format for Moss Man.


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