We had two updates on the upcoming Godzilla animated movie from Japan. August Ragone brings us news of the movie’s official title. It’s not only NOT simply “Godzilla” (leaving our confusion at three movies with the same name) but unlike the last live-action outing from Godzilla’s homeland is something that works outside of Japan. (I still shake my head at Funimation’s decision to not use the international title during it’s limited theatrical release which I sadly missed. It’s like they didn’t care about the non-Japanophiles in the Godzilla fandom. Casuals matter, dang it, and they’d be better drawn to Godzilla: Resurgence than Shin Godzilla!) The link also gives a synopsis for the film, which is admittedly an interesting take on the G-verse.

The second article focuses on the cast and of course there’s the often-used “Godzilla killed my parents and I want revenge” that’s shown up in the movies (sometimes replaced by a mentor) and in the Dark Horse comics. I wonder if Allie in the IDW comics is on an anti-Godzilla revenge trip now as well? I really want to get back to reading those and get caught up. Also, they’re planning a trilogy so let’s hope for their sake that the first movie is good enough to support it.



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  1. Sean says:

    This animated version of Godzilla looks like it can be quite decent. I like the futuristic technology that appears to be a part of this one.


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