Superman: New Krypton

Superman: New Krypton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I heard they wanted to do it, but I put it out of my mind because it’s a lame idea. Oh, but they did it. Instead of creating an original sci-fi series with whatever they wanted, SyFy went ahead and created Krypton, a Gotham style prequel to Superman, but set on Kal-El’s homeworld before it blew up and possibly set in the DC Movieverse of Man Of Steel. What was even the point? Does it look interesting? Sure. Did it have to be tied to Superman? Only if they wanted to get it greenlit because otherwise who cares? Just another misuse of a popular name.

Can we please keep David S. Goyer away from Superman so he can create his own stuff, some of which are interesting ideas divorced from Superman, and stop ruining Superman? Please?


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