Oh no, not the War Dogs again!

Thundercats: Hammerhand’s Revenge #2

WildStorm (January, 2004)

“Panthro’s Plight”

WRITER: Fiona Avery

ARTIST: Carlos D’Anda

COLORISTS: Wendy Fouts-Broome, Carrie Strachan & Darlene Royer

LETTERER: Nick Napolitano

EDITOR: Alex Sinclair

As Lion-O remains a “guest” of the Griffins (one of whom sees Lion-O talking to Jaga but of course doesn’t see Jaga), the Thundercats try to take a shortcut through a forest on their way to rescue Hachiman. There the forest itself seems to be against them, grabbing the Thundercats one by one. Panthro and Snarf try to bring them all together, but the Thunderkittens come across the guardian of this forest (the Anubis-looking guy on the cover). Eventually realizing their error in passing through sacred land without permission Wilykat forms a truce with the guardian.

What they got right: Snarf is useful, which is odd considering how much the writer seems to hate him, but I’ll come back to that. Wilykat shows a bit of maturity despite still being a kid (this is the Third Earth days). The art is also quite good most of the time.

What they got wrong: The theme of this story seems to be the Thundercats aren’t wanted on Third Earth. This is the second of Avery’s creations to make a case about them not being part of Third Earth. I wonder if she knows the Berbils are also space refugees? She (or the letterer) doesn’t seem to know how to spell Wilykat and Wilykit (here’s a hint: NOT “Wiley Kat” and “Wiley Kit”). There may not have been a fan wiki back in the day, but I own the Sourcebook and the previous issues. It shouldn’t be that hard to look up back then! And Snarf is still being written as annoying as possible. If you hate him so much, leave him back at Cat’s Lair! They’ve done on missions without him before, but he wasn’t being written as poorly as he is here! Finally, I don’t get the technobabble Panthro uses to allow everyone to call for help. Like, at all.

Recommendation: Here’s the problem I’m having. There are some good ideas and the story is written well. However, I’m just not getting the nostalgic vibe because Avery seems more alien to the source material than the Thundercats are to Third Earth. Make your judgement based on that perspective I guess.

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  1. Sean says:

    It sounds like a Thundercats fan should have been writing this series instead of Avery. It’s too bad you weren’t writing these Thundercats comics back in the early 2000s. There would have been much different results. I want to see more of Third Earth and the quest to save Hachiman, so I am still interested in these back issues. That cover is quite violent…at first, I thought it was Cheetara getting ravaged again like by the Mutants. Luckily, this isn’t the case. It’s just a standard fight where the Anubis-like character is angry that she’s tip toeing through his sacred forest.


    • I’d hardly call what the Thundertank does “tip toeing”. 😀


      • Sean says:

        Ok, so they tore up Anubis’s forest….he has the right to be mad! The positive thing is that a truce was formed with Anubis. It’s an important lesson that fights/wars can sometimes lead to peace if people (or in this case, creatures) are willing to listen to each other.


  2. Sean says:

    I like how an Anubis type character was the guardian of the forest. This mash up of characters from various Earth cultures makes this series quite intriguing. I would have preferred if Wildstorm did more stories on Third Earth. Third Earth has such a great variety of settings and characters that many tales could be spun from there. Perhaps DC will do so in the near future as I assume that it has the comic book rights to Thundercats (I hypothesize this due to 2016/2017’s He-Man Thundercats comic book series). The artwork once again is very impressive. I’m also quite fascinated by the advertisements for various video games in this issue. Tronix, did you ever play Bionicle or Grabbed by the Ghoulies?


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